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June 15th - 19th Bloomsday 2009: A Celebration of Joyce in Dublin & Yeats in Sligo

Summer 2009
"If I can get to the heart of Dublin I can get to the heart of all the cities of the world. In the particular is contained the universal." James Joyce
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June 15<sup>th</sup> - 19<sup>th</sup> Bloomsday 2009: A Celebration of Joyce in Dublin & Yeats in SligoThere is no better time to explore the heart of Dublin than during the annual celebration of Bloomsday, the day Joyce commemorated in [i[Ulysses, the greatest novel of the twentieth century. Bloomsday is celebrated around the world, but there is simply no better place to join the party than in the city that inspired Joyce.

Join us for the 105th anniversary of Bloomsday in Dublin and a close encounter with two of Irelandís greatest writers. First, in Dublin we will follow in the footsteps of Joyce, Leopold and Molly Bloom, and Stephen Dedalus. Workshops session will take place in various locations featured in Joyceís novels and short stories, culminating with the citywide festivities on the 16th.

Following our time in Dublin, we will head west to Irelandís magnificent northwest coast, to Sligo, Yeatsís "Land of Heartís Desire." There we will explore the work of Irelandís greatest poet in the setting that inspired them.

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July 13th - 17th Modern Irish Literature: Yeats in Sligo & Synge on the Aran Islands

Follow in the footsteps of two of the giants of modern literature: W.B. Yeats and John Millington Synge for an enhanced appreciation of their achievement.
July 13<sup>th</sup> - 17<sup>th</sup> Modern Irish Literature: Yeats in Sligo & Synge on the Aran IslandsIn Dublin, the workshop will begin with a tour of the Abbey Theatre and a consideration of the contribution of both writers to modern drama and the Irish Revival. This will be followed by a Dublin walking tour to sites associated with both writers before a late-afternoon departure to Sligo, Yeatsís "Land of Heartís Desire."

In Sligo we will explore the magnificent landscape that first fired Yeatsís imagination and inspired some of his greatest poems. Workshop sessions will feature Irish writers and scholars offering their perspectives on Yeats, culminating in a Yeatsís Candlelight Dinner at a private home overlooking Lough Gill and the setting for the poems.

After a morning workshop session on Synge and the impact of the West of Ireland on his life and work, we will set out along the Famine Trail in County Mayo into Connemara and the ferry to the Aran Islands. We will be staying on Inishmaan, where Synge stayed to observe island life. We will visit the Synge Cottage, tour the island, and participate in a special outdoor reading of Syngeís Riders to the Sea,

Returning to the mainland, we will have a final evening in Galway, a fitting place for a farewell celebration of poetry, song, and story.

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Irish Plays in Pairs

Three Workshops to be given at the Litchfield Community Center, Litchfield, CT
October 13, 27 & November 10, 2009. See description under Talks/School Visits of this course.