Korea 2011 Shoebox


On Offer

Street fortune teller

Cooling off

Stream though the heart of Seoul

Cantaloupes at a high end department store for about $24 a piece!

Fish on offer

Shoppers by the Japanese-designed, colonial-style Bank of Korea

KTX station

Train arriving

Park scene 1

Park scene 2

Park scene 3

Park scene 4

Park scene 5

Park scene 6

Kimchi pots on a roof

Park door design

Royal Tomb in Gyeongju

KTX express train to Gyeongju

At the ballpark

At the ballpark 2

At the ballpark 3

At the ballpark 4

Seoul Tower and the city center from the river

Temple detail 1

Temple detail 2

Temple detail 3

Buddhist temple prayers

Korea from the car returning to Seoul

Our Wheels: the Lee's BMW


Dan after the clouds lift

Jee-Won after the clouds depart

Cable Car to the Peaks

Hotel from the cable car

Looking Down

Mist begins to lift

By the East Sea

Choosing our dinner

Just the appetizers!

Main course: sushi of fish, the head of the fish who lives off the abalone above him

Even more performance

More performance

Our new teaching colleague, Dean Easton, pouring the Korean rice wine

Our teaching colleague, Jae Seong

The performance

The Sachon: Buddhist Temple food

Entrance to the palace.

Exit of the palace

Inside the Secret Garden

More in the Secret Garden

One of the palaces

Part of the Secret Garden

Monsoon hits

The intersection I walk down everyday to go to work

Part of the dishes on our Saturday lunch

The aftermath in a private room of the restaurant

Diners at the restaurant

Our lunch

Shoppers in Insadong

The street below

Tom after our lunch arrived

Window shopping at a vertical mall in Insadong

Dinner out with the Lees

Paik Won and Jee Won Lee

Ready for the feast to begin

The Lees and Tom

My colleague, Chuck Timlin, in class

Agreement we had to sign before entering JSA

See first sentence.

Briefing at the most forward observatory post. North Korean on three sides.

Conference Area of the JSA

Conference table

Dorasan Station in the DMZ: ready for traffic to North Korea's capital

North Korean Propaganda Village

The windows are painted and there are no floors in the buildings.

Single-file line before entering Conference Area

Announcement about our course

Inside Kaplan Korea

Entrance to the apartment building

Street scene near apartment

Street scene near apartment

Our street