The Korea Shoebox will be for stashing my photos that don’t make it on the blog. Will add photos as we go, so come back to see my progress.
Street scene at the bottom of our hill down from our apartment
Seoul Tower from its base
View outside my apartment
Inside our French bakery, Boulangerie, near work
Korean War Museum
Another view of the Seoul Tower
Seoul neighborhood
A room in one of the traditional wood houses in the folk park
Another view of a room of one of the traditional houses
Another room of a traditional house
At the Folk Museum
Folk museum
Seoul from the Tower
Seoul from the Tower 2
Seoul from the Tower 3
Seoul from the Tower 4
Seoul from the Tower 6
Tom in the Tower
Another view of Seoul from the base of the Tower
Seoul from the Tower 7
Seoul from the Tower 8

DMZ Tour

Departure point: Renaissance Hotel, near our apartments
Our van to the DMZ
Imjingak Amusement Park on the DMZ
Locomotive on the line formerly connecting North and South
Memorials in the Park
Tom in the parking lot
In memoriams
Overlooking the Freedom Bridge into the DMZ
Lunch of Korean street food
In the gift shops
North Korean money
Our bus into the DMZ
First stop: Dorasan Station built to open up a rail link to the North
Inside the "ghost" station
Waiting for the train that never arrives

Looking into one of the "Axis of evil"

At Doran Observatory
Tom’s Rocky pose
DMZ buddies
Tom at the healing of the divide statue
On the street where I live
Korean lanterns outside our restaurant
Waterfall at the restaurant
Man in the park
In the park
Sentry at the royal tomb
Royal tomb from the 15th century

Korean War Memorial

On the subway on our way to Incheon Station
On the ferry
Muuida Island (about an hour north of Seoul)
The beach at Muuida Island.
The ferry arriving for the return journey
Muuida from the ferry boat as we depart