Deborah G. Felder

A Century of Women

The Most Influential Events in Twentieth-Century Women`s History
Pages: 368
ISBN: 0806525266

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The Right To Vote. Job Equality. Sexual Freedom. Birth Control. Abortion Rights.
Comprehensive and riveting, this important volume on women’s history surveys the revolutionary changes in the social, economic, and political status of women during the twentieth century. From the battles of suffragists and labor activists such as Carrie Chapman Catt and Rose Schneiderman to the provocative ideas of Betty Friedan, here are the women of vision and courage who fought for equality and freedom. But here too are the unexpected medical and technological discoveries that removed a woman’s destiny from the restrictions of biology: the electric washing machine, anesthesia for childbirth, sulfa drugs to stop postpartum deaths, the birth control pill, and more. This lively and provocative history covers groundbreaking legislation and Supreme Court rulings, yet it doesn’t neglect the often conflicting cultural forces, from Emily Post and Barbie to the founding of the La Leche League and Ellen DeGeneres’s sitcom, that have shaped women’s lives in today’s world.
An essential history filled with surprising landmarks and compelling victories, A Century of Women presents a past to revere and a future to embrace, lit by the shining achievements.


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Organized on a decade-by-decade basis, this book claims to focus on "influential events that have shaped the destiny of women during each decade of the 20th century." A fascinating array of events has been selected, running the gamut from the founding of organizations like the League of Women Voters and the Girl Scouts, to the emergence of icons like Barbie, Betty Crocker, and Ann Landers, to the patenting of the brassiere. Each event is accompanied by a brief essay explaining and analyzing the topic under review. No area of American life is ignored?there are articles on fashion, medicine, literature, television, the magazine industry, and politics. A detailed appendix notes famous female "firsts." Despite the intrinsic appeal of the subject, though, scholars will find much to question. Idiosyncratic omissions like Geraldine Ferraro’s selection as the 1984 Democratic vice presidential nominee, the difficulty of summarizing the impact of both world wars on women, and the absence of an index all weaken this volume’s utility as a serious reference tool. For popular collections only. Marie Marmo Mullaney, Caldwell Coll., NJ
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